Monday, March 2, 2009

Monday Afternoon

Click on the header. You will see how I feel about work.

Now, why is it Monday already? I know I'm complaining a little late in the day, but seriously, how did the weekend go by so fast? I'll tell you how.

I went out of town on Friday afternoon, skipping out on work a little early so I could feel extra-special. A group of co-workers and I rented a cabin in Big Bear, which is only 2.5 hours away from L.A. We had a great time - ate, drank, played board games (kicked some ass in Taboo, my team did), drank, snowboarded, drank, and generally enjoyed ourselves. The only downside was sleeping on the pile of springs that passed for a mattress on the sleeper sofa, but this was easily fixed the second night when Red found a foam pad in one of the closets.

*New rule: If, as far as I know, you don't air your personal business online and/or we aren't close in real life, I'm going to give you a nickname on the blog. Hint: Red is not her real name.*

Anyway, great weekend. Slow Monday. I'm going to have to pay some movers 250 bucks to haul my tiny bit of furniture across town in their giant truck. Sucks.

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