Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I Have A Follower!

I have a follower.

His name is Greg. I know him from college, where we spent his freshman/my sophmore year dancing dangerously close to amazing 80s hits. (That sentence can be read two ways, I realize. We were either dancing dangerously close to the songs themselves or to each other. You decide.)

Anyway, I am a follower of Greg's blog which is a super-radical account of his Peace Corps experience in Bulgaria. He's been over there since July or September or one of those months in between and has been having an awesome time as far as I can tell. He's pretty good about updating, though I always want to read moremoremore. Click the link; let him explain it to you.

So, yeah. Hey Greg!


  1. Hey thanks for the shoutout! Looking forward to reading more from you as well.

    I like to think that it's possible to get "dangerously close" to 80s pop hits. I feel that it in some ways vindicates my (totally non-gay) desire for Phil Collins.

  2. If Greg is as funny as you, I'm going to have to follow his blog, too!